Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia

 Reading Difficulties & Dyslexia

Despite what you might have heard about reversed letters, dyslexia simply means poor with words or trouble with reading. The word is nothing more than a way to identify a reading problem. Dyslexia does not need to be a permanent diagnosis or condition.

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brain-bullet-point-30  Symptoms & Characteristics

Family history of reading problems – No enjoyment of leisure reading – Poor spelling – Auditory language difficulties in word finding, fluency, meaning or sequence – Struggle with pronouncing new words – Weak at letter sound discrimination – Poor at distinguishing similarities/differences in words (no, on) – Difficulty transferring what is heard to what is seen and vice versa – Low reading comprehension.

brain-bullet-point-30  How We Can Help

In people with dyslexia, the weakest cognitive skills are phonemic awareness and auditory processing, although other areas may suffer as well. Our cognitive skills training attacks the root causes of dyslexia by strengthening these weak cognitive skills. Find put more here.