ASD & Asperger’s

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Autism Spectrum Disorder can range from mild to severe and so can the symptoms, ranging from extreme in one person to absent in another. The most obvious and common trait is severe trouble with social situations.

brain-bullet-point-30  Symptoms & Characteristics

Repetitive behaviors – Need for routines and sameness – Poor social skills – Problems making eye contact – Inability to read nonverbal cues – Lack of emotional and social reciprocity – Intense interest in one area – Inability to make same-age friends – Sensitivity to light, sound, taste, smell, and touch – Difficulty determining personal space – Clumsiness – Rigid or monotonous speech patterns – Eccentric behavior – Lack of emotional spontaneity.

For Asperger Syndrome, the following traits are also prominent: Normal IQ, often with great ability in one area – Extensive vocabulary.

brain-bullet-point-30  How We Can Help

There is no cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, intense one-on-one cognitive skills training can help individuals with ASD strengthen weak mental skills. This leads to a faster, more efficient learner who is more socially adept, happier and confident.