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 About Us

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The Brain & Learning is the first Brain Training center to open in the Middle East in 2011. Our founder Pouneh Roney, a former maths teacher, often faced struggling students in her classroom. Curious as to why some individuals excel at certain tasks whilst others fail, she undertook a Masters degree from the Mind, Brain, and Education program at The Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her research in neuroplasticity and cognitive psychology led her to understand that it is our cognitive skills that predict academic and career success. Equipped with the knowledge that the brain can build new neural pathways and develop through systematic cognitive training, Ms. Roney introduced the BrainRx brain skills training program to Dubai.

Today, The Brain & Learning remains the most skilled and experienced center to offer Brain Training. By incorporating the latest in neuroscience research into our programs, we aim to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. We are a dedicated team of certified specialists trained to work with students and adults looking to improve their brain power and maximize their potential. We offer scientific based, customized, and targeted brain training programs that improve academic, career, and everyday performance. Much like physical exercise, our intense mental exercises keep your mind active and sharp. A stronger brain means better attention, learning, remembering, reading, writing, planning, intelligence and confidence.

Meet the Team

Sherine Al Najjar – Managing Partner & Director of Training

I have always dreamed of pursuing a career where I could make a positive change in society. To that end, I pursued a degree in the Arts and Sciences, where I was able to explore various academic disciplines including social development, psychology, law, human rights, and sociology. I soon began to develop a keen interest in the inner workings of the human mind and began to concentrate on Psychology. Together with my colleagues, we formed the university’s first psychology club. As the public relations officer (PRO), I was responsible for educating other students on psychological findings and theories as well as raise awareness on specific disorders/disabilities. I also had the opportunity to work as a research assistant for the Cognitive Psychology department where I began to see firsthand the true complexity and plasticity of the human mind.

Upon graduating, I worked in a child intervention centre as a certified ABA therapist. Looking to expand on my experience and work with more diverse clientele, I then joined The Brain & Learning and have found my niche! It has been a truly inspirational and rewarding journey. I am lucky to work with a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who are driven to spark the creative and intellectual potential of our students.

Senthurani Moorthy – Managing Partner & Director of Operations

After having completed my degree in Social Sciences, I started my career as a teacher and that has given me the right insight and experience in working with children. I am passionate about education and working with children and have accumulated 15 years of experience in Training & Development in many locations, including India and Sri Lanka, ten of these years in the UAE. I started at The Brain & Learning as a Brain Trainer which was an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Currently in my new role as the Director of Operations at The Brain & Learning, I work towards enriching learners by enhancing their cognitive skills through Brain Training and developing them into strong learners. Seeing the changes Brain Training has brought into the lives of our learners over the last 5 years is what drives me towards building creative and independent leaders of the future.

Andy Roney – Finance Director

With years of experience across a range of global industries I decided it was time to turn my skills and experience to use in the field of education to make a greater impact across the community. I added an education focus to my MBA at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010 through cross registering at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. I returned to Dubai to establish The Brain & Learning, a sustainable company, that can have real and lasting impact on the lives of struggling learners across the Middle East. One of our goals is to help learners of all ages across every country in the Gulf region.

Pouneh Roney – Founder & Scientific Advisor

Education is broken for many children. In spite of dedicated teachers, vast amounts of money spent in schools, and hundreds of thousands of hours each year spent instructing and tutoring students, there are still far too many children who do not fulfil their true potential.

As a passionate educator and school leader with 14 years of UK and international experience, I felt unsatisfied with the current educational practices that left too many learners on the sidelines. To understand and address the root causes of academic difficulties for many learners, I decided to undertake a Masters degree in Mind, Brain and Education at Harvard University during 2009-2010.

By establishing The Brain & Learning, I hope to bring the latest cognitive and neuroscientific research to transform the lives of many learners for the first time in the UAE. We offer Brain Training programs that go beyond symptoms and address the source of both learning problems and untapped learning potential.

“Settling for low learning potential, or simply compensating for learning problems, is no longer necessary. With the continuing advancements in research and new available training, parents now have options that work.”


Dr. Ken Gibson

Founder, BrainRx®

Dr. Ken Gibson, has been shaped by his life experiences to bring the power of brain training and the passion of professionals and educators together into what has become leading cognitive skills training network in North America.

I struggled to read all through my school years. Back then, so little was known about the causes behind learning and reading struggles that I was essentially on my own. Today, I would be labeled dyslexic. Many of my other cognitive skills were strong. I could (and often did) study 5 minutes before spelling tests and score 100%, but then would misspell those same words later on my written assignments. I had an undiagnosed cognitive skill weakness that made it difficult for me to distinguish sounds and sound out words. These weaknesses made school far more difficult than it needed to be, but I compensated for my weaknesses, worked excessively hard, and persevered through to a professional graduate program.

When I began my professional career I learned that I wasn’t unique in my reading struggles. Thousands of others struggled to learn and read. That motivated me to co-create the cognitive skills programs that form the foundation of our brain training programs today. Each positive result fuelled our team’s motivation to help more children achieve or surpass the academic level of their peers. This passion burns in me as strong today as ever! The excitement I experience seeing our Brain Training programs impact lives every day continues to fuel that passion.

With the continuing advancements in research and new training available from our centers all across the country and the world, enduring the struggles that I endured as a child, accepting labels like dyslexic or ADHD, settling for low learning potential, or compensating for learning weaknesses is simply no longer necessary. Parents now have options that work.

I invite you to take a look at what The Brain & Learning offers and contact us.  I am excited, and certain that we can help.

To your learning success,

Ken Gibson